"The teacher … doesn't give his wisdom, but rather gives from his belief and his love. If he really is wise, he doesn't demand that you enter into the house of his wisdom, he rather leads you to the doorstep of your own mind".

Khalil Gibran

Tanja Sailer

  • Born 1966
  • Yoga teacher qualified by BDY/EYU and GGF
  • Schooled by renowned teachers in the East and West (Deoraha Baba, Swami Ramagyadas, Leopoldo Chariarse, Dr. Gharote, Dr.Gottmann, etc.)
  • Studied Philosophy / Indology at Freiburg University and Heidelberg University
  • A graduate of "basic" and "intermediate" at Spiraldynamic Academy, Zürich
  • Trained as Ayurveda health advisor at the Fortbildungsinstitut fuer ganzheitliche Gesundheit, Munich and in the Mahindra Institute, Birstein
  • International lecturing and teaching in the field of eastern Philosophy, Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Guest lecturer at different yoga schools and within different yoga teacher trainings (Shakti Yoga school Helga Walter, Stuttgart, „Solis", Yoga school, Braunschweig, Yoga school Neustadt, Gesellschaft für Geisteswissenschafliche Fortbildung e.V. , Düsseldorf)
  • Since 2003 travelling worldwide with "Neue Wege" as lecturer and teacher
  • Co-founder, partner and training manager of IYP
  • IYP’s authority of responding to questions on subject matters. Personal mentor for the apprentices and lecturer for Indian Philosophy, Haþha Yoga practise, lesson design and meditation

Leopoldo Chariarse Leopoldo Chariarse

  • Born 1928 in Lima (Peru)
  • Yoga teacher BDY/EYU
  • Yoga therapist of Vidyasagar Technological Institute of Physical Education and Sports, Midnapore, India
  • Teacher for Advaita Vedanta and the Kaschmirian Yoga tradition
  • Anthropologist, musicologist, musician, and poet
  • Since 1984 head of the Yoga and Yoga teacher training school of the Gesellschaft für Geisteswissenschafliche Fortbildung e.V (GGF), Düsseldorf which is officially approved by BDY and EYU
  • International teaching and lecturing at universities, cultural institutions and organisations for Yoga, philosophy, ethnology and literature
  • IYP lecturer for Indian philosophy, meditation and yoga in relation to occidental culture

Dr. med. Armin Gottmann Dr.med.Armin Gottmann

  • born 1943
  • Yoga teacher certified by the Kaivalyadhama Institute , Lonavla, India
  • Direct disciple of Lama Anagarika Govinda
  • Neurologist, analytical psychotherapist, psychiatrist with own practise. Medical dissertation on Pranayama
  • Numerous publications about Yoga in various specialist magazines e.g. about the usage of yoga methods as psychotherapeutic means
  • Teaches and lectures at different institutes for education in Germany. Has educated future yoga teachers for many years at the Gesellschaft für Geisteswissenschafliche Fortbildung e. V (GGF) Düsseldorf and for the IYP
  • IYP lecturer primarily on Yoga and western psychology, Pranayama and meditation

Dr. med. Armin Gottmann Hedda Reinhardt

  • Born 1970
  • Freelance graphic designer
  • Yoga teacher BDY/EYU
  • 2006 Yoga teacher certificate at the GGF Duesseldorf ( under the guidance of Leopoldo Chariarse and Dr. Gharote)
  • Further education in Meridian Yoga and Tri Yoga Flow by Daniel Orlansky and Kali Ray
  • IYP lecturer for Haþha Yoga and moderator for demo lessons

Martin Henniger Dr.Manmath Gharote

Martin Henniger Martin Henniger

  • Yoga teacher BDY/EYU and GGF
  • Studied Indology (Sanskrit, Tamil and Bengali), comparative religious sciences and philosophy
  • From 2001 to 2008 lecturer at the yoga teacher education at Gesellschaft für Geisteswissenschafliche Fortbildung e.V, GGF, Düsseldorf
  • Since 2008 head of the Yogaforum Düsseldorf
  • Further education in Pattabhi Joi’s Ashtanga Yoga
  • IYP lecturer for the studies of primary yoga texts, Indian philosophy and Haþha Yoga

Jaiveer Singh Jaiveer Singh

  • Born 1958 in Hyderabad, India
  • Yoga has been part of his life since early childhood
  • Trained by renowned teachers e.g. Srikrishna, Prof. G.S. Sahay, Dr.B.R. Sharma
  • Diploma in „Yoga education" at Kaivalyadhama Institute in Lonavla, India
  • Training in Kalari Massage at C.V.N. Kalari, Calicut, Kerala and Thai Massage in Bangkok and Chiang Mai
  • Taught in Switzerland, Estonia and Germany
  • Lecturer for complex Kriyas as part of the Haþha yoga practise

Daniel Orlansky Daniel Orlansky

  • Born 1954 in USA
  • Certified in Kundalini Yoga, Jnana Yoga und Tri Yoga Flow
  • Holds a master degree in Expressive Art Therapy/Dance Therapy from Lesley University
  • A graduate of the Boston Shiatsu School
  • Originator of Meridian Yoga
  • Visiting lecturer in "movement studies" at Tufts University
  • Teaching in Europe and at the famous Kripalu Center and the Omega Institute in USA
  • Directs yoga teacher trainings worldwide
  • IYP lecturer for Haþha Yoga, lesson design, skillful assists and advanced asana practise

Betty Hensel Betty Hensel

  • Born 1966
  • Free lancer as theatre and film director
  • Stagings at different german and austrian theatres
  • 1998 –2000 visiting lectureship in theatre pedagogy at the college of education,Ludwigsburg
  • Speech and communication trainer
  • Seminar faciliator in free enterprise ( the economical sector ) for leaders and apprentices
  • practises Yoga since 2003
  • IYP lecturer for communication and self representation

Lisa Crone Andreas Scheibe

Dr. rer. nat. Martina Bley Dr.rer.nat. Martina Bley

  • Yoga teacher BDY
  • Yoga teacher Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Yoga und klassische indische Medizin, Yoga-Darshana
  • Two year further education program for Yoga teachers at the Yogazentrum Berlin
  • Further education by Shrikrishna
  • Since 1993 co worker of Shrikrishna
  • Veterinarian
  • Doctor in behavioral science
  • Psychotherapy training (Gestalt therapy)& alternative practitioner for Psychotherapy
  • Researcher and teacher for yoga since 1985
  • Lecturer for medicine, Yoga therapy, Yoga & science, consciousness research and dream work for Yoga schools in Germany, Switzerland and UK
  • IYP guest lecturer for medical basics and consciousness research

Bernd Bachmeier Bernd Bachmeier

  • Born 1954
  • Industrial manager / industrial business manager
  • Yoga teacher BDY/EYU
  • Teacher and head of the Yoga school Braunschweig (training school for yoga teachers approved by BDY the roof organisation of Yoga teachers in Germany)
  • Project manager sustainable health for health insurance fund
  • Freelance executive consultant for yoga teachers
  • Advisor and coach for freelancers, as well as experts and executives with focus on career advise
  • At IYP lecturer for job oriented qualifications

Lisa Crone Annette Leupolz

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